Tip from In Puncto Terracotta:
How to care for good clay

In Puncto Terracotta quality is hard to find elsewhere in this world. But even top-quality clay must be cared for. Each piece is unique which has been made extremely weather-resistant by a world-wide unique refining process.

It is quaranteed to minus 35° centigrade.



  • No initial wash necessary. We have already done this for you.


  • Avoid stagnant water in your container in winter.


  • Permanently planted containers require drainage. Small pieces of wood under the container will allow important circulation of air.


  • Genuine Impruneta terracotta ware is recognizable by the fact that it will not "fade" even after years in the wind and weather. This means that no ugly deposits of salt or lime will rise to the surface due to slight porous nature of the material.


We wish you joy and genuine Tuscan "ambiente" in your "Giardino dŽItalia".

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