Article Group A
A Type of Clay Travels the World

Terracotta products from the famous Tuscan Impruneta are known world-wide for their unique top quality. The reasons are expensive production techniques, the high content of iron and copper in the clay soil, traditional "firing" skills and little water addition.

Article Group B
True Real and Good Tradition in Clay

Unusual, individual shapes for gardens, balconies, houses and flats: Hand-made terracotta containers stand for quality of life and mediterranean peace in hectic times.

Article Group C
The Garden of Humanity

The "Giardino D'Italia" for at home. Here you are human. Here you are allowed to be human.

Article Group D
The Best of the Best

The new product line by LUCIANA BILIOTTI®. For all who believe that only the best is good enough in terms of quality. The highest product purity and guarantee by the manufacture of "Luciana Biliotti®" - the exclusive product line in In Puncto Terracotta.


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