Exclusive Seal of Quality

In Puncto Terracotta Certificate of Quality


You have acquired an orginal product from the "Giardino dŽItalia" - the garden of Italy.

Terracotta from Italy is quite special earth. Hand-made "Terracotta dŽImpruneta" fascinates because of its orginality, simplicity and calm elegance.

It increases in beauty with the years and bestows a piece of Mediterranean "ambiente", beauty and the feeling of the joy to be alive to your house and garden.

It is a question of good clay.

Only the best quality clay from the Tuscan town of Impruneta which is famous for its pottery skills will guarantee you prolonged joy from your terracotta container. To this end we are giving you the letter and seal of In Puncto Terracotta, and in addition also our exclusive certificate of quality with the clay guarantee by the manufacture "Luciana Billiotti®".

It guarantees you the best kind of clay, orginal handcraft, orginal Tuscan design, and care and supervision of the clay in terms of art history.

Top quality.

Our quality is recognisable.


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