Bella Toscana
Why do We Love Tuscany?

According to a Tuscan saying you do not grow old making love, eating and wielding a tool. Indeed Tuscan culture is a fountain of "youth" of a special kind. Its lifestyle continues to gain in admirers thoughout the world.

Hand-made "Terracotta d´Impruneta" fascinates with its orginality, simplicity and natural elegance. Terracotta from the "Giardino d´Italia" bestows this unique "Grandezza" on each house and each garden, this hint of the joy to be alive and the Mediterranean "ambiente".

That is why many connoisseurs treasure the "amphorae", vases, reliefs and plant containers of In Puncto Terracotta.

In terms of quality item after item embodies quality, orginality, design and the best, traditional Impruneta clay quality of Tuscany.

Our name and our orginal seal of quality guarantee this for all items in group D.


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